S-Guard — Lineage 2 Security and Bot Protection
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Lineage 2 Security & Bot Protection


SGuard - is a unique and the only in its kind client-server anti-cheat, anti-bot and anti-clicker module for Lineage 2 servers for all chronicles and generations.

We Are Always Here, When You Need Us The Most!

For the past several years, SGuard team is working daily to provide the best service you deserve. Beside the quality you receive, every client is eligiable for fast support and dedication which helps clients to achieve their business goals.

Server & Client Automatic Updates

Your server and client are always up to date, when having our exclusive update systems. Never bother to search for any kind of update related to security - you are always up to date no matter where you are and when you are. All updates are delivered with high speed and accurity.

Updated Detection Algorithms & AI

SGuard team never stops in development, our filters and AI are updated daily and will do the best to protect your server from any kind of threat or bots.

Protection Against Clickers

Our clicker database consists over 150 different and possible emulated clickers which provides a high end solution for emulated inputs.

New Client Development Features

S-Guard it is not just a protection, all your dreams and ideas will come true, using SGuard you can create any feature that seemed impossible to achieve.

Analytics and Statistics

SGuard collects basic data to provide all sords of information to its clients, you may monitor your server easily and make ad moves or project preparations.

Supported Game Chronicles

C4, Interlude, Hellbound, Gracia Final, Gracia Epilogue, Freya, High Five, Awakining, Tauti, Lindvior, Ertheia, Infinite Odyssey, Underground, Glory Days, L2Classic 1.0-2.8, Helios, Grand Crusade.